The Tree Hive


Arch Work Unlimited (AWU) presents Tree Hive, a self-sustaining building designed to rise vertically from the ground or from atop a structure with an exterior lined with vegetation. Think vertical agricultural meets self-regulatory eco-tower.  In the word of SME partner, Marco Martinez, “Trees grow up. Why shouldn’t we?” Lined with vegetation, the edible walls of a Tree Hive become both a source that takes in heat and cools down the plant rounded interior, but also provides food and a piece of socio-cultural heritage. This combined with a lofted foundation that invites airflow, provides the pressure necessary to pump cool air upward through a central shaft that turns a turbine at the top of the building generating power for electrical use. The degree to which this building empowers itself is subject to augmentation and evolution, currently it can support basic electrical needs at low wattage while also able if needed to tap into traditional city electrical outlets.


 However, as a result of the problem demonstrated with respect to the unenviable attempt to continue with the irrational exploitation of scarce natural resources and this unprecedented crisis with devastating consequences we speak of we can implement something that speaks to how to fix this economic, social and ecological issue.

 Human society for most of history has known how to evolve and overcome the problems presented.  From our point of view this is a virtue that we carry in our genes.  From the time when those first hominids stood up and left the trees to conquer the plains to our present technological world an epic series of material and spiritual accomplishments have been written. Without fear of mistake we are positive that we are at the dawn of a new world in which humans will demonstrate once more that it is not and may never be perfect. However, it is perfectible. The journey toward self-sustainability via ecological architecture that rehabilitates public space is our business and individual vision.


 As conscious individuals we propose to overcome the present decadent system of production. We don’t pretend eco-industrialism and sustainability exists in some magical class, but instead understand that these topics already fill entire libraries with the theoretic support of great thinkers and contemporary philosophers.  Our hope is to use our professional point of view in various areas in order to submit a coherent proposal based in ethical technological and economic practices.  Our proposal is grounded in an efficient use of man’s resources; by emulating nature through biomimicry, we learn how to behave with the absolute inexistence of waste or residual.  This re-integration of byproduct is a form of upcycling, (converting waste materials into items of better environmental value) which improves the environment by utilizing every material output. The architectural proposal described herein hopes to mirror nature, or in other words perform an act of biomimicry, by proliferating the idea of no-waste living spaces, using materials currently capable of being applied in a more efficient manner according to human ingenuity and absolute ecological consciousness.



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