Its Monoculture  Timber Industrial of large extension of  lands to grow Pine and other none POLEN cycle supporter that  Disrupt the Biodiversity and europe the soil.

Water & Children are Sacred

No one can argue the importance of the water cycle, and the role it plays for the survival of society, especially our CHILDREN’S WATER. Securing the water is paramount for the development of future generations.

It’s the Integration of 81 varieties of indigenous trees distributed in: 56 varieties of fruit trees, 13 varieties of palm trees, 9 varieties of leafy trees, and 3 varieties of timber trees  all Integration. EcoForestation iT’s in Fact the Adverse of “Reforestation”.

Firefly Cacao Orchards

Natural and unspoiled origin of Cacao, Moringa, and Jagua trees amongst many others in an indigenous Tropical Forest  of KISKEYA in Dominican Republic.