About Us

Our motivation comes from experience we find in the perfection of nature. This harmony is reflected in an absolute balance, and manifests as a perfect flow in time and space.

We integrate our designs to the fourth element “FIRE” when we stop to contemplate how we are making the buildings in which we live, work, and entertain ourselves , we found that these buildings are completely out of balance with this Element “FIRE “


The fire element is like the big gorilla in the kitchen, is present in all, we can all feel the element WATER makes up 82% of our bodies, the AIR we breathe constantly, the EARTH in which we move, the FIRE element manifests as solar radiation, the best technology that take full ADVANTAGE of this element is photosynthesis of the organic vegetation, Trees are the undisputed MASTERS.

It is only Logical that we tap into our ingenuity to integrate to the cycles of nature the FIRE element to the spaces in which Human life can be in complete balance with the ecosystem.


Work Team

Arq. Jhan Santos

Luis Emilio Nuñez

Arq. Yda Domínguez

Marco Martínez

Arq. Ariel Escaño

Arq. Carlo Palomequer

Arq. Lewis Aristy

Ing. Adid Acevedo

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