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In harmony with the universe, towards the purpose of abundance, in confluence with the planet earth and all its inhabitants, and towards a common wellbeing, Arch Work Unlimited (AWU) presents the Tree Hive.


We design eco-industrial inspired systems, including green resorts, hotels, living communities, commercial operations, and homes, balancing the needs of humans and nature.


Our architecture is designed to assemble volumes of light and mood, creating living and breathing spaces, in service of humankind.


Form follows function. Our company actively practices this basic principle, knowing there is nothing more important to architects than helping society and human beings evolve.


We show dedication to design masters Buckminster Fuller, Wucius Wong, Frank Lloyd Wright & Leonardo da Vinci. We consider the perfect proportions of the Vitruvian Man and the Golden Ratio to be the measure of all things beautiful.


Our design is based on the integration of two biodynamics in our ecosystem: the TREE and the HIVE, to integrate spaces consistent with biotechnology.


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